First consultation

25 BGN


15 BGN

Home Visit (Address in Sofia)

20-60 BGN

Vaccines (All vaccination prices include a full health check)

Puppy vaccine (1st and 2nd)

45 BGN

Dog Annual Booster Intervet, Merial,

45 BGN


Cat Annual Booster RCP

45 BGN

Cat Vaccine Pure Vax RCPCHFeLV

60 BGN

Rabbit Vaccine Pestorin

15 BGN

Rabies Vaccine

30 BGN

Pet passport

15 BGN

International passport

20 BGN


50 BGN

Hospitalization and Intensive Care

Emergency care

50-100 BGN

Hospitalization untill the end of the day

20 BGN

Venouse catheter

15 BGN

Medical procedures

Deworming (price of the midicine not included) 5 BGN
Tick removal

10 BGN

Ear cleaning 20-30 BGN
Anal glands

15 -20BGN

Nail clipping

15 BGN

Teeth clipping

15 BGN

Debeaking (beak trimming) 15 BGN
Foreign body removal

20-50 BGN

Neutering (not including general anestetic)

Dog Neutering (Depending on weight)

90-130 BGN

Bitch Spay (Depending on weight)

160-180 BGN

Cat Neutering


Cat Spay


Rabbit Castration


Rabbit Spay 70-100 BGN

Dendal Scale and Polish (not including general anestetic)

Dog/cat (depending on the stage of tartar)

70-100 BGN

Milk tooth extraction

60-80 BGN

Permanent tooth extraction 70-90 BGN
Rodents premolars/molars clipping

35-50 BGN


Yorkshire terrier

35-45 BGN


35-45 BGN

Cocker Spaniel 45-55 BGN
 Cat 40-50 BGN

 Rapid Tests

 Anigen Total IgE (Allergy referance test)  40 BGN
 Canine CVP Ag  40 BGN
 Canine CVP/CCV/Giardia Ag  60 BGN
 Canine Brucella Ab  40 BGN
 Feline FIV Ab/FeLV Ag  50 BGN
 Feline Toxoplasma Ab  40 BGN
 Anigen 4D (Dirofilariosis, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease)  60 BGN