Useful information

Travelling Abroad with a Pet


Travelling to countries in the European Union


Dear owners, if you are traveling and you decide to take your pet with you, there are few documents that you will need:

 1. An international Pet Passport in which are marked:

  • the current vaccinations

  • the date and number of microchipping or tattoo

 2. Animal Health Declaration – to be filled by your veterinarian 24 hours before the trip.

 3. Valid rabies vaccine for animals over 3 months of age (date of last vaccination against rabies should not be before the date of microchipping). The current vaccinion against rabies must have been done at least 21 days before travel.

Additional requirements – only for travelling to the UK, Malta, Finland & Ireland

 4. Deworming against echinococcosis must be administrated exactly between 120 to 24 hours before the entry of the animal in those countries.

 Additional requirements for travel in countries, that are not members of the European Union:


 5. Veterinary certificate from Bulgarian Regional Food and Safety Directorate;

 6. Health Certificate (issued by your veterinarian to serve before airline).


 7. Serological testing – for antibody titer against rabies by a certified European laboratory. The testing is made at least 30 days after vaccination against rabies.

 8. Deworming against echinococcosis not earlier than 10 days before entry into Turkey.


Source: Regional Food and Safety Directorate, Sofia, Banishora, block 93